PlayStation Systems Get Software Updates

Software Updates Come To Both PlayStation 4 and 5

Nintendo Switch just got a System Software Update in the past week. And now, the PS4 and PS5 have released an update for themselves.

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There are not as many PlayStation 4 updates, compared to the PS5. But, they are still worth noting. One is the party feature, shared by the PS5, and the other is the ability to adjust the volume control within the voice chat of a party, which happened for the PS5 in a previous update.

ps4 controller

There is one feature that is used by both the PS4 and PS5. And that is the much-requested party function, where you can invite friends to play with you either in the closed or open options. Open parties have the ability for friends of the party can join in at any time, while closed parties are invite-only. This has been a much-requested feature to finally be rolled out on the consoles, but should be a fun one to use for future games.

As for the PS5- there are quite a few that they have rolled out for their update, such as:

  • Filtering games by genre in Your Collection Tab
  • Voice Command Preview, which finds, opens games and apps, as well as controls media, playback
  • Trophy cards & the trophy list update and suggestions on how to get more
  • Mono Audio for headphones (allowing same audio to come out of each headphone when connected to the PS5)

There are also more Accessibility features such as read-aloud notifications. Moreover, there is now screen reader language support for Russian, Arabic, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, and Korean, as well as general Ukrainian language support. There is also shared screening options within the party and ensure a stream of gameplay with a party.

This is not a bad update for PS4 and PS5! All of these are still live and can be accessed right now. So for those who have either console- enjoy!