Kone XP Mouse Review – Pushing PC Gaming To The Limits

Kone XP Mouse Review

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with ROCCAT’s Kone series of mice over the past couple of years. On one hand, it’s an exceptional line of PC mice. They perform, look and feel great. On the other hand, I’ve experienced some aggravating technical issues. Specifically, with the Pro Air’s scroll wheel. It’s an odd issue where over time when I try to scroll down, it scrolls up on the screen. It’s an issue that didn’t go away. A replacement Pro Air resulted in the same malfunction. A real bummer considering how much I loved my Pro Air.

Once again, I find myself falling in love with this new Kone XP mouse. The past few weeks of use have been smooth and seamless. Yet, part of me wonders how this mouse will hold up over the long term and I cannot help but wonder if the scroll wheel issue will return. I’m optimistic it won’t but nevertheless, it’s something I am worried about.

Kone XP Mouse

All that being said, I am hard on mice. During the review period, I want to see how they hold up and how durable they are. I’ll use it for hours during intense gaming sessions, I’ll sometimes drop it (not intensionally), and there are occasions where my grimy sweaty hands are all over the mouse. So naturally, I expect some mice to pack it in sooner than later. The Kone XP; however, appears super durable. For three weeks I have put this thing through the wringer and it’s absolutely delivered in a big way.

A Wise Investment

Price point; however, is an issue for me. The ROCCAT Kone XP will cost you around $119usd (at time of writing; according to ROCCAT’s online store). This is a little more than I am typically willing to spend on a mouse. Without question, you can find cheaper mice on the market and ones that are wireless. Yet given some of the features and with how happy I have been with it, it’s proving to be worth the investment.

I do love the look of this mouse. The Kone XP features 3D RGB lightning and a slick translucent shell. It sets the stage for the XP’s 22 LEDs and 8 light guides. It’s quite easily the best-looking mouse I have used to date. The lighting options are fantastic and I really did like the entire aesthetic.

Kone XP Mouse

Likewise, its unique design gives it a strong ergonomic feel. This sexy-looking mouse fits perfectly for my hands. It’s lightweight which makes this mouse easy to maneuver and extremely comfortable. It is effortless to move, and it doesn’t matter what kind of surface you use. I used it on a fabric chair, a high-end gaming mouse pad, and the kitchen table. In all instances, the mouse was incredibly responsive on each surface.

Even the Krystal 4D scroll wheel feels great and works exactly as it should. I hope it works over the long term as this wheel does feel great. With left and right lateral inputs, this versatile scroll wheel adds another layer of functionality for any gamer looking to maximize all the button inputs.

Made For Gamers

This is why the Kone XP is truly made for gamers. Its multi-button design (29 possible button functions) and 4D scroll wheel give you an incredible amount of options and customizations. Not to mention the switches are incredibly responsive and lightning fast. The optical switches can be controlled by Nvidia’s new Reflex system resulting in an experience that provides the lowest possible latency. The buttons themselves produce satisfying clicks and the clicks are not all that loud either.

Kone XP Mouse

Do I wish this mouse was wireless? Absolutely. It’s one of the few drawbacks. Yet, gaming mice cannot have any input lag issues. It’s a deal-breaker. Everything needs to be absolutely precise and having speedy movements is an absolute must. Rest assured the wired Kone XP is precise and speedy. Not to mention, it’s incredibly accurate. If you are in the market for a competitive gaming mouse you can take online and crush the competition, the Kone XP is for you. I will say, while the cord is a bummer, it is lightweight, so that is a plus.

The wired ROCCAT Kone XP is an excellent mouse and ideal for any PC gamer that takes their gaming seriously. While the price point may raise your eyebrow, my time with the XP has been satisfying. Everything from the unique scrolling wheel, sexy ergonomic design, slick lighting, and amazing switches, the Kone XP delivered as advertised.

***The product was provided to COGconnected for the purpose of this review***


The Good

  • Looks fantastic
  • 4D scrolling wheel
  • 3D RGB lighting
  • Feels great

The Bad

  • Bit expensive
  • Wired
  • Not sure the scrolling wheel will stand test of time