Kickstarter CEO Steps Down

Kickstarter CEO Claims Move Has Nothing to Do With Blockchains

Kickstarter, it seems, will be going through an upheaval. Not because of the games that are currently on the fundraising platform, nor any legal action. Instead, the CEO of three years, Aziz Hasan, is stepping down from leading the company.


This was announced via a blog on the site. Hasan spoke of his time with the company, and how he had pride in the “passionate, skilled and dedicated team.”

To our team, the backers, the creators, this entire community—you are what makes Kickstarter the creative and amazing place it is,” Hasan wrote on the post. He continued with,  “Often beautiful, sometimes unusual, and always inspiring. I close my tenure here with so much gratitude and a much deeper personal connection to how powerful and impactful creative projects are in the world.

Supposedly the reason he’s stepping down on April 4, 2022, is that he wants to spend more time with his family consisting of his wife and two children. But there’s still the issue of the blockchain that came up late in the last year in 2021- and how they doubled down when creators and fans politely (and not so politely) said no.

Currently, as the near ex-CEO said, “Kickstarter, as it exists today, is not sitting on the blockchain.” but this will change as Hasan stated, “We’re going to work so that people can see it.

Blockchains, however, have not been the only problem under Hasan’s leadership though- there were anti-union activities such as firing one of the key players in working to get a union in the first place and having to settle a lawsuit in 2020 because of it. They were the first company in the tech industry to have a formalized union, but under extreme reluctance- like other certain companies.

In the meantime, Chief operating officer Sean Leow will be running the show, with Hasan acting as an advisor while they search for a replacement. It seems that things are settled when it comes to what is happening behind the scenes for Kickstarter- at least for now.