Turbo Overkill, Cyberpunk FPS, Sets Its Sights on April 22nd Early Access

Blade-Runner Meets DOOM 

It’s time to lock and load, get a little crazy, and go completely turbo. Today, Apogee Entertainment announced that its thrilling cyberpunk FPS, Turbo Overkill, is coming to Steam Early Access on April 22nd. In addition to the announcement, Apogee also released a new Early Access trailer for the game that shows off the unique blend of retro and new age that is the cyberpunk setting of Turbo Overkill.   

Turbo Overkill places the player in the cybernetic shoes of Johnny Turbo. And you and Johnny are jumping right into the cyberpunk Hellscape of Paradise. Johnny’s hometown. In addition to being full of crime, the city has been overrun by a malicious A.I named Syn who is augmenting humans to serve it. So Johnny is gonna have to grab some augments, and some guns, of his own.

The game is both a love letter to retro FPS games of the past and modern shooters of today. A mixture of retro pixel graphics and modern action blend to bring the setting alive. Additionally, nostalgia and modernization mix again in gameplay. Nostalgic pick-ups like armor and health give players the retro feel while wall running, grappling, and a chainsaw leg for gutting bad guys bring the game to the modern age. 

An Early Access trailer gives players a chance to see this unique art style. In addition, players get a closer look at the gameplay including main character, weapons, and more.


Turbo Overkill is coming to Steam Early Access on April 22nd, 2022. It will be priced at $19.95. Console editions will follow later this year.