Guards! Ramps Up Recruitment At Steam Next Fest

Get the Town Watch 

So what if they are dangerously underfunded, as long as they have their mace they can bring order. Of course, the town needs its guards. Who else will protect them from themselves? Today, Wylderzone is happy to announce that their in development fantasy FPS, Guards!, has a new demo available during Steam Next Fest. Inviting players to a medieval law-enforcement experience, players assume the role of town guards in a fantasy city known as New Alestead. Interestingly, the game allows players to team up with friends to bring order to the city. A new Next Fest trailer gives gamers a glimpse of the game. 


Guards! allows players to become an overzealous guard in an underfunded corps. Of course, this means there are very few defenders for the crime running rampant in the city. In fact, there are only 1-4 guards at any given time. These fantasy cops being the player and their friends of course. As the the guards, players will bust criminals and destroy property as they rescue hostages and “subdue” criminals. Importantly, players will have a variety of medieval weapons to fight crime but that’s not all. Everything around you becomes a weapon in this world. For instance, players can use barrels, planks, tables, and even arms, to defeat their foes. 

Importantly, a new Steam Next Fest trailer gives players a look at the chaotic peacekeeping. Check out the trailer below. 

Guards! is currently set to release in March 2024. Currently the game is available to try during Steam Next Fest from February 5th-12th.