Cozy Caravan Starts Trading in 2024

The Cutest Caravan Around 

The art of trading is one of beauty. At least in this instance. Prepare to run your very own travelling shop as you navigate a picturesque landscape. Many towns await and there’s always more to sell. Being a travelling merchant has never been so cozy. Today, 5 Lives Studios announced their upcoming single-player adventure game, Cozy Caravan, is releasing in 2024. Inviting players to a top-down adventure, the game places them in charge of their very own travelling merchant caravan. Combining mini-game events with top-down overworld travel, players will collect items to sell as they journey around the map. A trailer gives players a look at the animal world of the game.¬†

Cozy Caravan

Cozy Caravan allows players to embark on a trading adventure with their best friend Bubba. Travelling throughout a beautiful landscape, players will help locals around different towns to gather items to sell later on. Importantly, players will be play mini-games as they make stops on their journey. These mini games will provide them with items that they can collect within their caravan. Of course, players will be able to trade and sell these items later as they arrive to new towns. However, players do more than just earn and sell items. As they travel, helping others as they go, players have a chance to foster community and encounter deep characters with their own quests.

Importantly, players can get a look at Cozy Caravan in the new trailer. View the trailer below.

Cozy Caravan is coming to PC in 2024. Currently, players can wishlist the game on Steam.