Kudzu Unveiling Two New Tiers As It Blossoms to Goals

Nearing the Switch Goal

Some games can’t help but reach their goals. Of course, as a reward for those that back them, new rewards keep appearing. Importantly, this is exactly the case with Mega Cat Studios‘ upcoming Game Boy game, Kudzu. With a dedicated community of people backing the game, the studio is happy to announce that they are nearing their Nintendo Switch Stretch Goal. As a result, they are excitedly unveiling two brand-new limited tiers. 


Open to only 50 backers each. Of course, any lucky backer who manages to snag one of these spots will receive all of the rewards from the original tiers as well as the limited edition Kudzu Original Soundtrack in vinyl format. Additionally, players who get into the two new tiers will also receive a high-quality art print of the Kudzu game cover and much more. 

“We’re thrilled to introduce these new limited tiers to our amazing community,” says Mina Figueroa, Retro Cat Enthusiast at Mega Cat Studios, “With your support, we’re getting closer to making Kudzu on Switch a reality. 

Recently, Kudzu developers announced the inclusion of a fishing mini-game as a reward for reaching their intended goal. Additionally, gamers who haven’t been able to check out the game can get a look at its art style and gameplay in the Kickstarter announcement trailer from last month. Check it out below. 

Kudzu is set for release in late 2023. The game’s Kickstarter is currently going on and will be available for four more days. So, for those gamers with a taste for vinyl, there isn’t a better time for you to get involved.