Marko: Beyond Brave Joins Steam Next Fest With Demo

A Formidable Journey 

It is time to begin a new journey. A journey that will take you to different, fantastic, environments full of Slavic inspirations. Yet, they aren’t without their dangers. Today, Studio Mechka is happy to announce a demo for their upcoming Metroidvania, Marko: Beyond Brave, that is joining Steam Next Fest. Inviting players to a hand-drawn world full of challenges, the game is aiming to channel the best of the genre while bringing something new. A press release provides some more information on the game and its demo. Additionally, a trailer for the game gives players a look at what they can expect.

Marko: Beyond Brave

Marko: Beyond Brave asks players to step into the shoes of the titular character. Beneath the snowy mountains lies a forgotten kingdom. Many have journeyed to this kingdom in search of riches. Very few have come back. However, the secrets in this kingdom may help Marko save the land from the evil that threatens it. Importantly, will put players in a platforming adventure that whisks them to magical environments like vibrant forests, deteriorating castles, and more. Of course, these places will be filled with dangerous creatures Marko will have to face. Luckily, as Marko, players will have access to over ten unique skills and abilities to deal with any threat that comes their way. With over twenty-five bosses and one-hundred types of enemies, players will need to use everything at their disposal to make their way through the kingdom. 

Of course, gamers can get a look at the action in the new trailer. Interestingly, players can see the Metroidvania aspects of the game as well as its unique aspects. Check out the trailer below. 

Marko: Beyond Brave is currently in development and planned for release next year. Currently, a demo is available through Steam Next Fest.