PS5 Exclusive Ghostwire Tokyo Has Been Listed for Xbox

Ghostwire Tokyo May Be Coming to Xbox Soon

Ghostwire Tokyo fans are well aware that the game is going to be a PS5 exclusive. However, some eagle-eyed fans have noticed its listing for Xbox on a wall in Bethesda’s office.

An article that showcased Bethesda’s office in London was talking about workplace design. As previously mentioned, some fans spotted large murals on the office’s walls. These murals featured different games from the studio and Ghostwire Tokyo was among them.

ghostwire tokyo more than a horror game

What makes this discovery even more interesting is that the game’s art piece was listed as a game for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S platforms. To date, devs have not made any official announcement regarding an Xbox version for the game. 

The image in question has already been taken down from the website. However, its removal did not stop Ghostwire Tokyo fans from speculating that it will be available for Xbox users in the near future. Its availability to Xbox is not entirely surprising. After all, Microsoft did acquire Bethesda last March. 

Apparently, there is a pre-existing agreement with Sony to develop two PS5 exclusives. This is reportedly what stopped Microsoft from releasing Deathloop or Ghostwire Tokyo on their consoles. However, Deathloop launched to current-gen Xbox consoles a year after its release to PS5. 

With that said, fans are speculating that there might be a similar one-year deal in place for Ghostwire Tokyo. Should these speculations materialize, then the game will most likely come to Xbox Series X/S and Xbox Game Pass sometime after March 25th of next year.

This is good news for the gaming community, especially for Ghostwire Tokyo fans. After all, the game has been lauded for being one of the more memorable titles in the triple A space.

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