Ghostwire: Tokyo Director Wants to Make a Sequel

What Does Ghostwire: Tokyo’s Future Look Like?

Tango Gameworks, the developer behind The Evil Within and the new Ghostwire: Tokyo, might take a familiar direction with their next project. The director behind it all, Kenji Kimura, made his passion for Ghostwire known in an interview with IGN Japan.

A Gamesradar translation provides us with this: “I think that when things calm down a bit more, and when I’ve cooled down a bit more, I’ll have ideas for DLC and sequels, and I’ll want to make them,” said Kimura. “Nothing has been decided yet, so I can’t tell you anything more than that.”

The usual limbo of “we can’t say much right now” will be familiar territory for anyone following game rumors like these. And while “we’ll just wait and see, or something” may be a tempting response for some, we can thankfully take things a bit further.

For most, Ghostwire: Tokyo fell into the “pretty okay I guess” camp. It’s not rare to see people praising the game’s stellar art direction, but each slice of praise came alongside a mention of middling gameplay. There’s a fair few people who liked the game fine enough, our own review can attest to that. But the rarest group of all are the people who outright hated the game. Do they exist? Certainly, but they’re far from the mainstream voice.

Our review called the game “a great, but rough-around-the-edges step in a really interesting new direction.” And this wave of interest from the game’s director could see that direction bear fruit. While the game was far from an industry-dominating success, the odds of it finding a sequel are far from zero – but still not great. Ultimately, only time will tell where Tango Gameworks will go in the future.