Ghostwire: Tokyo Trailer Shows It’s More Than Just a Horror Game

Ghostwire: Tokyo Devs Share an 18-Minute Gameplay Trailer

Tango Gameworks recently shared a new 18-minute gameplay trailer for Ghostwire: Tokyo. The weirdness of it all is apparent. However, the character is way too much of a heavy hitter for any real aspect of horror to come into play. According to fans, it is more of a supernatural stealth brawler than a horror game.

Players use their powers to find some enemies. They sneak up on the bad guys and throw hands. But of course, there is a lot more to it than just fist fights. Their main weapon is Ethereal Weaving.

ghostwire tokyo more than a horror game

Ghostwire: Tokyo players will make use of this power to deliver a beatdown to their enemies. When the time is right, the enemies’ core can be torn down. It is like a quick exorcism of the in-game demons that have transformed the people of Tokyo into spirits.

An example of Ghostwire: Tokyo’s weirdness is shown early on in the preview. As seen in the video, players hunt down a kappa with a cucumber. It seems funny at first. Fans were quick to find out that this is actually fitting for the game’s lore. 

Apparently, a kappa is an amphibious spirit in Japanese folk lore that have a deep fondness for cucumbers. These spirits also have a hobby of pulling out the shirikodama out of their victims’ anuses. It remains unknown how this particular feature of theirs is going to play out in the game.

Still, Ghostwire: Tokyo fans were glad when devs revealed the games pre-launch trailer at Sony’s recent State of Play event. The preview game fans a deeper look into what the game is going to be about. This includes Hannya’s plan to harvest the souls of Tokyo in order to connect that world to the next. Of course, the game’s antagonist Akido is going to try to keep that from happening.

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