Dying Light 2 Fans Want Devs to Fix the Korek Charm Nerf

Dying Light 2 Want the Original Korek Charm Back

Dying Light 2 has a wide variety of zombie-smashing melee weapons in its roster. Players are constantly finding new ones and discarding older ones as they increase their rans. However, it has become apparent that many of them got too close to one particular feature.

In Dying Light 2, weapons degrade as they get used. Sadly, there is no traditionally repairing them. Thankfully, fans found a well-hidden easter egg trinket that they can attach to their weapons to give it almost infinite durability.

dying light 2 fans want devs to fix korek charm nerf

Players have been using the Korek Charm to give their weapons an added 500 durability. Unfortunately, devs found out about this and reduced its durability add-on to 300 in the game’s recent patch. Plus, players now have to craft the charm at a cost of 666 scrap.

This is a massive amount of scrap. Players were not too keep to finding out that the Left Finger of gloVa will cost them 369 scrap. They were even more peeved after discovering that the Korek Charm will not cost a ton more.

Dying Light 2 players who want to add the Korek Charm to multiple weapons will cost them 666 scrap each time. That is a whole lot of extra scavenging that they need to do within the game, considering that they can only carry 999 scrap at a time.

Fans of the franchise were quick to make their disappointment heard. Thankfully, Techland heard their woes. The devs quickly issued a statement to assure the game’s following that they are going to adjust the Korek Charm in a future update.

The Korek Charm will be adjusted in next updates after we heard a lot of feedback,” Techland wrote on social media. “We wanted to balance it and not make it unfun.”

I hope you understand it is an easter egg and not the official repair mechanic,” said Lead Designer Tymon Smektala. “I will try to restore it and make it more meaningful.”

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