Chocobo Grand Prix Fans Don’t Like the Heavy Use of Microtransactions

Chocobo GP Fans Aren’t Too Happy With the Microtransactions

Chocobo Grand Prix is now available on the Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, many of the game’s fans are not happy with its heavy use of microtransactions and real world currency.

The game requires players to do a lot of grinding in order to receive necessary rewards to make in-game purchases. They essentially have to use real world money just to get their hands on premium currencies. This is despite the fact that the game sells at full price on Switch.

chocobo grand prix heavy use of microtransactions

Cloud Strife and Squall Leonhart two of the game’s fan-favorite characters. Sadly, they are both behind a limited time Season 1 event. Players will have to reach level 60 just so they can unlock Cloud or to buy a Prize Pass to potentially get him.

On the other hand, players can only unlock Squall after obtaining Gil. Both will take an immensely long time to get unless fans use real world money just to get them sooner.

To make matter worse, a lot of the premium purchases that Chocobo Grand Prix players have to buy with real world money are attached to an expiration date. Mythril, for example, will only last for approximately five months. Fans are saying this is “unacceptable and must be changed.”

By far the worst thing about Chocobo Grand Prix is that Mythrill expires,” complained one player. “This is a premium currency that can be bought with real money and it vanishes in five months.

Virtual currencies and microtransactions have constantly been the bane of video gamers’ existence. Many devs have become more predatorial with their microtransactions as they usually use certain tricks to urge players to spend real world money within their games.

This is actually not the first time that Square Enix came up with something like this. However, the gaming community has complained that this is by far the most offensive. Fans are hopeful that devs will reverse some of the choices they made for Chocobo Grand Prix.

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