We Were Here Forever Puzzles its Way to PC Release Today

A Co-Op Puzzle Adventure

The time has come. Escaping Castle Rock hasn’t been easy, and the adventure is cranking up to eleven. Today, Total Mayhem Games is happy to announce the PC release of their co-op puzzle adventure, We Were Here Forever. A press release about the game provides details on a whole new world for players to explore. For the first time in the series players will venture outside of the castle into a wider, non-linear, world as you adventure through this finale of the We Were Here saga. Additionally the official launch trailer gives players a glimpse at what they can expect within the game. 

We Were Here Forever is a co-op adventure game focusing on player exploration and critical thinking skills. Additionally, it also highlights player cooperation in order to solve puzzles. Of course, sticking with the themes of the saga, the puzzles players face will be asymmetrical. Each player will receive different information and must relay what they have to their partner to solve problems. Of course, a darker story exists within the world. Dive into the Realm of the Mad King and explore the darkness of Castle Rock. 

Furthermore the official launch trailer for the game gives fans, new and old, an important look into the world of  We Were Here Forever. Players get a look into the art style, gameplay, and the foreboding themes of the Realm of the Mad King. 

We Were Here Forever is out now for PC via Steam. Of course, console editions for PlayStation and Xbox are on the way. So, will you brave the Mad King’s Realm?