James Gunn Says Future DC Games Will Connect With the DCEU

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DC is home to so many classic superheroes. Whether or not they want it, they are in constant competition with Marvel. They have their comicbooks, of course, but they have also both been making moves in film and television. Neither brand has been super consistent in the realm of video games, but that may change in the DCEU.

Of course, there are some examples of really great video games based on Marvel and DC characters. Marvel’s Spider-Man and the Batman: Arkham series come to mind. However, there are stinkers as well. James Gunn appears to want the DCEU to cover more than just films.


James Gunn, director and writer of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies and The Suicide Squad, was recently named co-CEO of DC Studios. In a seemingly offhand question on Twitter, a fan asked if he plans to take the DCEU over into the gaming-sphere. Gunn simply said, “Yes.”

Let’s not forget, James Gunn also wrote for the cult classic Lollipop Chainsaw. If he is taking on a Kevin Feige-role in DC, Gunn could weave together the films, television shows, and games, sanity willing. Whether they all hold up the quality that the fans deserve and demand, only time will tell.

Upcoming games that we know about will not be tied to the DCEU, such as the Wonder Woman game and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. In the past, superhero video game/movie tie-ins often take pretty extreme liberties when it comes to storytelling. Hopefully, the direction and style of these games and movies will rise above their predecessors and be consistent.

On the Marvel side of things, they have abandoned video-game tie-ins with the MCU. The last of its kind was Lego Marvel’s Avengers back in 2016.

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