Overwatch Servers are Offline Forever, Blizzard Pulls the Plug

Your Watch has Ended, Overwatch

One door opens, another one closes. With the dawn of Overwatch 2 comes sunset for the original Overwatch, as Blizzard takes the servers for their famous hero shooter offline. Overwatch 2 will soon come to fill the void, as a free option with new systems and characters. Heroes never die, but apparently, they can be replaced by a free-to-play business model.

Overwatch Hero Bans

All the progress you made in the original game, all the skins and other cosmetics you gathered, can be transferred into Overwatch 2. Blizzard intends to upgrade the game’s experience with this new platform, while still holding onto all the content from the first release.

As we speak, there is currently an Overwatch-sized hole in the gaming space. The sequel drops tomorrow, and the first game is down today. Going a day without dying to a Pharah ultimate may be tough, but you’ll live. I promise.

Unless you get hit by a car or something in the interim. That’ll be awkward for both of us. Don’t do that.

Overwatch lasted for 8 years – first arriving in late May of 2016, and lasting until today. Not many multiplayer games can boast that kind of legacy. Just think about all the Overwatch-likes that tried and failed to live up to the success of Blizzard’s game. A cursory glance at Battleborn‘s fate will offer quite the example.

Paladins is still going strong, though. If you really can’t handle the hours-long wait for Overwatch 2, that could be a good free-to-play option worth peeking at. That, and the seemingly-unkillable Team Fortress 2.