Rhythm Sprout Bopping to Steam with a Next Fest Demo

Slay Sweets to the Beats 

Everyone knows that sweets aren’t healthy for you. But did you know that vegetables can slice-and-dice them to some sick beats? Today developer SURT is happy to announce that their food-based rhythm game, Rhythm Sprout, is releasing in early 2023. Arriving on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch consoles the game provides a new setting for a rhythm action adventure. Importantly a brand new demo is available today through Steam Next Fest. A press release provides more info on the game. Additionally, a new demo trailer gives players a look at the game. 

Rhythm Sprout

Rhythm Sprout introduces players to the Vegetable Kingdom. Playing as the Chosen Onion, players will help defend their kingdom from King Sugar Daddy’s Bad Sweets. Players will explore a variety of fun, silly, and crazy levels all of which have their own musical theme. From different genres, to even the time periods, players will have a lot of musical challenges to face. 

Of course, as the Chosen Onion, players will slash, dodge, and vibe their way through levels as they time every action to the beat. Importantly players will need to master enemy attack patterns and experience new twists while replaying familiar levels. Players can get a view of all of this musical action in the new demo trailer. 

Rhythm Sprout is releasing on PC and Consoles in 2023. Currently a demo is available for the game at Steam Next Fest and features a demo-exclusive story with never-before-seen cutscenes. So, are you excited to start slashing some sweets?