Dead Space Remake Gets Scarier For Players Playing Too Casually

The Dead Space Remake Will Be Even Scarier When Players Are Too Relaxed

The Dead Space Remake is taking everything to the next level. The game is already scary as it is, but its new dynamic system will make it even scarier. Apparently, its new Intensity Director will make things much more dire whenever players are playing too casually.

This Intensity Director is an AI that will react when players get too relaxed. Examples would be players idling too long or carelessly traipsing through a room that they have already visited before. Dead Space Remake will react by adding in more scary sound effects and visual surprises. Plus, more Necromorphs are also going to spawn. Basically, if players are not scared, the game itself is going to spice things up to change that.

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This type of feature is actually a common thing among horror games. In fact, a common system is present in Left 4 Dead. The game’s AI will send out more zombies if things are too quiet. Dead Space Remake’s Intensity Director is actually only one of its many upgrades and changes. Others include free form movement in zero gravity regions, additional weapon upgrades, having the option to choose which parts of the space station to tower, and no loading screens.

Apparently, this is all part of EA Motive’s strategy to combine the old with the new. The team behind the Dead Space Remake applied changes to the Plasma Cutter and Pulse Rifle to ensure that they will feel like how they originally were.

However, there will be some moments that may be relatively different from how fans would remember. For instance, the corpse of the captain will transform into a Necromorph directly in front of the players instead of at a safe distance behind glass.

The game is due for release early next year. It will be out in the gaming market on January 27th.

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