Final Fantasy 14’s Halloween Event Will Be Right on Time This Year

Final Fantasy 14 Halloween Won’t Be Delayed This Year

Final Fantasy 14’s Halloween event is happening right on time this year. The same could not be said about last year’s event. After all, devs conspicuously delayed the event all way to January. This is well past the time that Jack-o-Lanters are on display on anyone’s porch.

This year, Square Enix is actually hosting the game’s spooky proceedings from October 19th to November 1st. The name for this year’s event is All Saints’ Wake: March of the Mischievous Costume Cortege.

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The details of Final Fantasy 14’s event are pretty much similar to that of last year’s. Haukke Manor will still have sneering pumpkins. It will be illuminated by the moonlight that gives it both sinister and mischievous looks. Moreover, the residential districts surrounding Eorzea will also be decorated accordingly.

Just like with previous events, this one will also have a main quest that will give seasonal rewards. This year, devs are giving away a creepy Wake Doctor glamor, an emote that allows players  eat pumpkin cookies, as well as a caged wisp interior decoration.

Long-time Final Fantasy 14 fans may also  be familiar with returning traditions. An example of which would be the players’ ability to transform into different NPCs via the unsavory imp that is lurking around the Haunted Manor.

This year, devs expanded the roster to include Valens van Varro who happens to be the main antagonist from Shadowbringers’ mech-inspired Sorrow of Werlyt quest line.

To start the event, players need to level up their character to at least Level 15. This will provide them with access to airships, which in turn will give them access to Old Gridania. They can approach the Adventurers’ Guild Investigator at Old Gridania for quests. This particular NPC will give the quest A Mad Masquerade.

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