Final Fantasy 14 Will Get an Ultra Difficult Dungeon Later This Year

Final Fantasy 14 Will Be Have a More Difficult Dungeon Later This Year

Final Fantasy 14 fans are in a frenzy following a recent announcement about the game. In a recent Letter from the Producer, devs confirmed that the game is getting a tough-as-nails dungeon some time later this year.

Devs are adding the new mode, Criterion Dungeons, alongside Patch 6.25 later this year. These are level 90 high difficulty challenges for groups of four players in the standard one tank, two DPS and one healer composition.

final fantasy 14 ultra difficult dungeon later this year

They are not the fans’ run-of-the-mill dungeons. The new dungeons are going to be a tougher form of the game’s casual-friendly variants. The first one, Another Sil’dihn Subterrane will have a hard and a savage version. Matchmaking will be available for the hard version. However, the savage version will need a fixed party from the start.

Once Final Fantasy 14 players have entered the dungeon, both versions will remove their ability to resurrect players through normal methods. The hard version has a limited number of times that players can revive. On the other hand, the savage version will not even let them do any revivals at all.

The good news is that enemies in the hard version will stay dead if the entire party KOs. The bad news is that the enemies in the savage version will not be as kind. They will revive even if the party KOs. Plus, they are also going to get buffs and become even stronger if undefeated for a certain period of time.

Final Fantasy 14 players who are not too keen on the difficulty of the savage version can stick with the variant dungeons. The latter will give them a more casual type of gameplay. There will be various branching paths depending on the actions that they perform within the game. Moreover, they will also be accompanied by an NPC. Unfortunately, it is currently unknown who this NPC is going to be.

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