CD Projekt Red Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary

2 Decades of Witcher and More

Two decades is a long time. Ten years two times. It’s even longer when you consider it in the realm of the video game industry. Today, developer CD Projekt Red is celebrating 20 years of game development and is excited to share their anniversary with the community. A press release about the celebration provides info on what CD Projekt Red has planned. Additionally, the release provides reflections from, Head of Studio, Adam Badowski on twenty years of work. 

CD Projekt Red 20th

“When we started CD PROJEKT RED, we didn’t know what you can and can’t do in the video game industry. We were rebels from the get-go, and we had to learn everything ourselves.” Says Badowski in the release. “These last twenty years have been exciting and fruitful for us, unpredictably so, and we are extremely proud of our achievements and the fact that we can constantly count on the support of our community. That in particular is something we all cherish here, and it is with this positivity and optimism we head into our twenty-first year and beyond.” 

Of course, CD Projekt Red wants to share their celebration with their community. As a result, they have decided to create  its own 20th anniversary website. The website asks that players in the community share their own memories of CD Projekt Red and its games. This includes everything from screenshots, to artwork and beyond. Additionally, streams of the company’s games will take place on the website over the next few months. During these streams studio members will share stories with the audience about the development of the games and other memories about making them. 

A huge congratulations to CD Projekt Red on twenty years in the industry.