Final Fantasy 14’s Buried Memory Update Is Out Later This Month

Final Fantasy 14’s Next Update Is Coming Out This Month

Final Fantasy 14 fans cannot contain their excitement about the game’s next patch. After all, gaming industry critics have described the game as one of the current market’s best MMORPGs. Its steady stream of new updates and content is one of the primary reasons why. 

Devs just revealed more information about the upcoming update. Patch Buried Memory is bringing in an all-new main scenario quest. The Warrior of Light will be teaming up with Vrtra in search of his sister Azdaja. A variety of new challenges will come alongside the quest. This assortment may be a bit familiar to Final Fantasy 14 players.

final fantasy 14 buried memory update out later this month

The Fell Court of Troia Dungeon is a floating castle in the sky. Meanwhile, the Abyssos raid is set in an inner circle of Pandemonium. Moreover, there is a new Sil’dihn Subterrane variant dungeon and a Containment Bay S1T7 unreal trial.

Final Fantasy 14 players who are pretty much less inclined when it comes to in-game combat can enjoy the patch’s Island Sanctuary. Basically, it is an island paradise for fans to grow crops and allow their minions to run free. Square Enix is encouraging the gaming community to create their own island.

The patch will be live soon. It will be available to the gaming public on August 23rd. The list for the main scenario quest will grow even further on Tuesday. The upcoming update is also expanding the Duty Support system. Sohm Al, the Keeper of the Lake, the Vault, Snowcloak, and the Aery will be joining the roster. This makes revisiting older dungeons even more worthwhile. According to Square Enix, they will progressively add more features to the system “in future patches.”

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