Iron Man Game Revealed By EA Motive and Marvel Games

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Iron Man has always been a really big Marvel character, but the 2008 film kicking off the MCU pushed him to new heights. He is more popular than ever, but his track record in video games has been less than stellar. Hopefully, the newly announced game with the armored Avenger changes that.

Earlier today, EA Motive and Marvel Games announced that they are in early development stages of their Iron Man title. It comes from a team whose members have previously worked on Star Wars: Squadrons, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, and the upcoming Dead Space remake.

Iron Man Game

The new Iron Man game is “an all-new single-player, third-person, action-adventure“. Movie fans were captivated by Robert Downey Jr.’s performance as Tony Stark. Hopefully, the game finds someone that can do the same for this game.

Previous Iron Man games include Iron Man VR, Marvel’s Avengers, and the MCU game tie-ins for the movies. The MCU games and Marvel’s Avengers were not received too well, but the VR game scored pretty well with critics. However, being a VR game, it is not widely available for the larger gaming community.

There are no supporting platforms or release dates confirmed. Hopefully, we will get more information in the coming months.

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