Street Fighter 6 Announces New Fighters and More at EVO 2022

Get Ready Fighters

Street Fighter’s roster is getting even bigger. And not only their roster of fighters, but commentators too. Today for their EVO 2022 headline, Capcom announced some news for the upcoming installment of the Street Fighter franchise, Street Fighter VI. A new trailer introduces a new and returning fighter to the game, Kimberly and Juri. Additionally, a blog post discusses the characters in more detail, as well as, announcing two new commentators: James Chen and Tasty Steve.

Street Fighter 6 crossplay

Street Fighter VI is the next installment of the iconic series. It is releasing sometime in 2023 and is bringing with it a host of new content. The newest of which is a new character, the ninja Kimberly. This 80’s obsessed fighter combines traditional ninja techniques with rhythmic urban twists using spray paint cans in some of her attacks. Additionally, some of her moves may appear familiar as she is a student of Guy, a classic Street Fighter character. 

The second character confirmed in the trailer is Juri. A returning character from Street Fighter IV the sadistic Juri is returning with her signature Fuhajin fighting style. Of course, each of her super arts is making a come back and will appear with Street Fighter VI flair and style. 

Of course another part of the announcement was the introduction of two new commentators. James Chen and Tasty Steve will be appearing in the new Real Time Commentary Feature. Steve will be serving as the play-by-play commentator while James is the first confirmed color commentator. 

More info about Street Fighter VI will be coming later this year. The game is releasing in 2023 with no confirmed release date. So, what do you think about these confirmed characters? Who else are you excited to see in Street Fighter VI?