Elite Dangerous Galaxy ‘Won’t Be the Same’ Following Update 14

Elite Dangerous Devs Talk About “Exploratory Story Telling”

Elite Dangerous devs recently revealed to fans what Update 14 is bringing to the game. Frontier Developments were not too specific since they want the story to unfold as players play the game. However, they did drop some hints about the upcoming alien threat.

We will really be escalating the Thargoid threat to the extent commanders have not seen before,” confirmed Senior Producer Samantha Marsh. “I think everyone can see that bad things are coming.”

elite dangerous galaxy won't be same following update 14

Apparently, the Aftermath “will continue to kick that into higher and higher gear.” “We are really excited to see exactly how everyone deals with it,” Marsh continued. “It is definitely safe to say the galaxy will not be the same.

Devs shared the story with the Elite Dangerous community through an in-game cinematic. However, it is worth noting that devs are also using another tool to further share the story line as they slowly reveal the events of the Aftermath. They call it “exploratory story telling.”

People who are sort of uncovering elements of the story and piecing it together,” Marsh added. “We love to see the players doing that part of it.

“We love putting little mysteries in the game for players to solve,” Lead Game Designer Luke Betterton said. “So for people to be able to piece together what that narrative is when we are not quite upfront with it, for players to get those stories, all the cogs are whirring, they are trying to figure out exactly what is happening here.”

Elite Dangerous may have a new threat. Apparently, it is not of the alien variety. It has come to light that the next big enemy is from Earth. Some fans are speculating if it could be related to the impact of the actions of real world astronomers.

We are not going to overhaul the whole galaxy if there are loads of different new discoveries,” Marsh added. “But it certainly does influence what we do.”

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