Respawn’s Next Single-Player Game is Set in “Apex Legends Universe”

Apex Legends is Getting a Single-Player Adventure

Fans hopeful for a Titanfall 3 will have mixed emotions to this news. Titanfall 2 may not have performed financially well on-release, but the game has developed a massive cult following – with discourse around the title being almost-universally positive. Respawn followed the game up with Apex Legends: a Free to Play “Battle Royale” that carries much of Titanfall’s identity, including being set in the same canon. Soon, that canon will expand further – and its foundational texts will not see top billing. Respawn Entertainment is stepping back into the world of single-player experiences. The lore of Titanfall will grow ever further. But it is Apex Legends, not Titanfall, who will carry that torch.

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This news comes to us from a common source of gaming insight: job listings. Respawn Entertainment is currently hiring a senior engine/systems designer for an “incubation title”. It states that the project is a first-person shooter in the “Apex Universe.” Other listings specify the single-player aspect of the project. From the looks of things, this is the exact sort of game that Titanfall fans have been waiting for for years.

As you can expect from a “reveal” like this, public information about the game is incredibly slim. We don’t know anything about the game other than genre and setting. Though given those aspects, there’s plenty of room to speculate on all fronts. We won’t know anything for sure until Respawn decides it’s time to share details.

What do you think we’ll see in the final release? How much, if any, DNA from Titanfall do you think will make it into this mystery game? We’d love to hear from you in the comments down below!