Leaked Fall Guys / Halo Crossover Trailer Spoofs Classic Halo Ad

Halo’s Reach Seems Infinite

Let me take you back to 2012. Back when people thought the world would end, the Costa Concordia infamously capsized under strange circumstances, and Halo 3’s “Believe” ad campaign was in full force. For many, the latter of those events proved to have the most staying power. Nostalgia for that campaign maintains a sizable fanbase nestled within the halo community. It’s a love strong enough to inspire Halo Infinite’s “Become” campaign. But now, it has completed what is definitely actually the greatest possible achievement that any media could attain: a Fall Guys inclusion.

Or at least, that’s what the leaks would have you believe. Information about the crossover has already leaked elsewhere, and a fully-watchable version of the trailer has popped up on reddit.

For reference, here’s a link back to the official “Believe” ad from Bungie.

Many Halo players feel slighted by 343 Industries and a perceived slow drip-feed of content into Halo Infinite. For those players, they can at least get their Halo fix through crossover media. The crossover with Microsoft Flight Simulator isn’t even a week old, and already we’re seeing evidence of more crossover events. If players feel the need to take a break from Halo Infinite, they can at least carry that sort-of-halo feel into other games.

As for this ad itself, it shows off a set of skins that will be made available in Fall Guys. Master Chief, a cat-eared spartan, a brute chieftain, and a grunt are all reported to be the contents of the update. It is unknown if the update will contain anything else, though the odds are unlikely.

It’s worth noting that Fall Guys will be going free-to-play soon. If these skins make you want to play Fall Guys, your wallet will thank you for waiting until June 21st.