Scathe, Dark Magic FPS, Gets August Release Date With New Trailer

Blood-Soaked Bullet Hell

Prepare yourself to delve into the pits of hell. Using dark powers battle the evil that lurks there. Today Kwalee and developer Damage State are happy to reveal the release date for their upcoming FPS, Scathe, releasing on August 31st. A press release provides information about the game. Additionally, the new gameplay trailer gives players a glimpse of the bloody and brutal gameplay. 


Scathe places you in the boots of Hell’s enforcer by the same name. As Scathe players will enter a hellish maze full of the Hell’s legions. To escape, you must collect the three pieces of the Hellstone and unlock the gates but be ready. This FPS is more akin to a bullet hell. Of course this means players must dash through attacks, using Scathe’s speed, to survive. However, don’t think Scathe is without firepower of his own. 

The game features an arsenal of weaponry for players to use. Many of these weapons even feature a secondary attack to increase variety in gameplay and damage. Weapons like, the bow blade, hell hammer, hot hatch and more will all help you slice, dice, and spew fire on the hordes of Hell. Players can get a look at the bloody gameplay of Scathe in the new gameplay trailer. Get a glimpse of the weapons, enemies, and maze of Scathe. 


Scathe is scheduled to release for PC via Steam on August 31st, 2022. Currently it is available to wishlist on Steam. So, are you ready to become Hell’s enforcer and rip through a maze of demons?