Exoprimal New Trailer Reveals AI Villain Leviathan

Exoprimal Introduces AI Villain Leviathan

Exoprimal devs first unveiled the game at the Sony State of Play livestream that occurred in March. Since then, the game’s following learned about its basic premise. Capcom also confirmed the platforms that the four-player coop dinosaur shooter will be playable on. Thankfully for fans, devs just released a new trailer that gives them further insight into its gameplay.

Exoprimal’s new trailer unveils Leviathan. Apparently, this AI villain is responsible for releasing all of these dinosaurs into the cities. It would seem that it is treating the entire situation like as if it was just a game. Leviathan leads Exoprimal players along the ruins of the city just before it unleashes a deadly onslaught.

exoprimal new trailer ai villain leviathan

The objectives, as well as the difficulty of the level, shift on the fly. How challenging things are going to be depends on how well the players are doing. The mystery behind Leviathan and its dangerous games are going to be uncovered through Dino Survival.

Dino Survival is probably Exoprimal’s closest thing to a campaign. Its pits two teams of five players against one another. These teams are going to race to complete Leviathan’s objectives. All the while, the AI villain will be taunting each team’s chance of success.

Exoprimal’s newest trailer showed off VTOL Defense and Dinosaur Cull. These are two of the objectives that players can expect in Dino Survival. In Dinosaur Cull, teams will have to compete in defeating a certain marked dinosaur. On the other hand, VTOL Defense has teams protecting a grounded air craft from waves upon waves of enemies.

Just as the game’s title entails, Exoprimal will make use of different mechanical suits that fit different roles, namely support, tank, or assault. These include Zephyr, Witchdoctor, Roadblock, and Deadeye.

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