Let’s Build a Zoo DLC Is Adding Dinosaurs

Let’s Build A Zoo’s Latest Expansion Adds Dinosaurs to the Game

Let’s Build a Zoo is getting a new expansion. Springloaded has confirmed that the upcoming DLC for the indie management sim will be adding the full Jurassic Park experience.

Following the launch of the expansion, Let’s Build a Zoo will have 50 new specimens to collect and show off. These include woolly mammoths, sabertooths, cavemen, and dinosaurs. All of these are going to be accessible through fossil digs and morally questionable cloning.

lets build a zoo dlc dinosaurs

The DLC’s name is Dinosaur Island, which pretty much sums it all up. It will feature the base game’s creature splicing and exotic meat selling. 

Devs even shared some promotional screenshots of the sliding scale of caveman meat. Let’s Build a Zoo players can feed their guests with the special meat. Plus, they can also splice some genetic hybrids, such as a pterodactyl that has the head of a triceratops.

Let’s Build a Zoo’s Dinosaur Island expansion is launching alongside a substantial free update for the game. The patch will bring controller support, employee-only areas, as well as the ability to plant and harvest trees. There is an all-new waste storage feature that supports eco-friendliness.

Budding zookeepers can also make use of the animal droppings of different species as a resource within the game. Players can opt to make their zoo absolutely carbon-neutral. This feature allows for the moral ambiguity of a green operation that also sells what devs describe as caveman meat.

Let’s Build a Zoo and its Dinosaur Island expansion are currently on sale. Fans can get the expansion on its own for only $9. They can also get the bundle for $21.

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