The Callisto Protocol Is No Longer Taking Place in the PUBG Universe

The Callisto Protocol Has ‘Its Own World’

The Callisto Protocol devs have announced that the horror survival game is no longer taking place in the PUBG universe. This is opposite to what Striking Distance Studios announced back in 2020.

It no longer takes place in the PUBG universe,said developer Glen Schofield. “It was originally part of the PUBG time line but grew into its own world.”

the callisto protocol pubg universe

This does not automatically mean that they do not have any surprises for the PUBG franchise. However, they do want The Callisto Protocol fans to know that the game is going to have “its own world, story, and universe.”

Unfortunately, devs did not provide an explanation on what made them decide to change their minds. It was a weird idea for a crossover to begin with. Still, fans are very curious about what hoops devs had to jump through to justify The Callisto Protocol as a PUBG game. Its community can think about it all day long but never be able to find common ground between the two titles.

The studio is currently owned by Krafton which happens to be PUBG: Battlegrounds’ parent company. With that said, fans are definitely curious to see how a major corporation could be interested in having a universe that will invite fans to take on one project from another. 

According to the studio, The Callisto Protocol will feature touch points that players can find as Easter eggs or something like that. These “touch points” are seemingly what ties the two games together. Unfortunately, it would seem that this connection will not canon to the gaming world anymore.

Fans have so many questions at the moment. Some have started to speculate that the studio might be spinning away from the PUBG franchise.

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