Capcom’s “Exoprimal” is Power-Armored Soldiers vs Extra-Dimensional Dinosaurs

Exoprimal is… What?!

Ever wonder what would happen if “suddenly, dinosaurs” became a regular thing for humanity? Something as normal as a day of bad weather, complete with news cycles reporting on when the next extra-dimensional portal would open up? Capcom’s Exoprimal seeks to explore this very serious question. Its answer, of course, is power-armored supersoldiers.

Exoprimal was revealed at Sony’s State of Play event, along with numerous other titles. It promises to be a co-op based multiplayer experience, that pits humanity against an unending horde of spontaneous dinosaur events. It’ll be five humans versus Raptors, T-Rexes, and so many more. Every dinosaur has been appropriately spruced up for the occasion, of course. This game isn’t exactly going for historical accuracy.

In Exoprimal, you’ll pilot an Exosuit as an Exopilot who’s just gonna have to get used to hearing “Exo-” everywhere they go. Luckily, you’ll have no shortage of targets to take out any frustrations against. And to that end, your Exosuit will deliver violence through one of four (known) fighting styles. “Deadeye” deals crazy damage, “Zephyr” loves getting into melee range, “Roadblock” blocks exactly as much damage as you’re expecting it to, and “Witchdoctor” offers healing support.

Once you pick your Exosuit, you’ll be dropped into one of Exoprimal’s game modes. At the moment we’ve only got one known mode, but since’s it’s marked as a “primary” mode, the implications are clear. And what’s the name of this “primary” gameplay mode? “Dino Survivial.” …What, you expected something complicated? The biggest complication you’ll get there is a rival squad, competing against your team to achieve certain objectives. You’ll also be able to interfere with the opposing team every now and then, but that dinosaur-based violence will likely remain the game’s focal point.

Exoprimal is scheduled to release some time in 2023.