Indie Game Naiad Is Revealed at Day of the Devs

Naiad Turns Players Into Water Nymphs

Naiad is an indie game from Spanish developer HiWarp. The game is more of a relaxing project that allows players to explore the nature at their own pace. It was showcased at today’s Day of the Devs stream.

As mentioned, Naiad players are going to take the role of a water nymph who is born at the source of a river and matures as she travels along it. They can swim and dive as they try to help the fishes and other animals get through certain obstacles. Examples of these barriers are trash, traps, and fallen logs.

naiad revealed day of the devs

They can also become friends with turtles, butterflies, ducks, and rabbits. They can even be chummy with more predatory kinds, such as crocodiles and snakes. Naiad provides some sort of meditation to gamers who want to play a game to just chill. There will be some puzzle solving involved as well. However, it will not be anything that will disturb their meditative flow.

Naiad’s antagonist will be the spreading darkness that come in with every human intrusion. Players will have to restore nature after being destroyed by pipes that pump pollution into the water. They begin the restoration by making flowers grow back along the river bank. Being a chill meditative game, fans are not expecting it to be fully about ecoterrorism. It is most likely going to be a gently rebuke of civilization’s intrusion into nature’s greens and blue water.

The water nymph protagonist will collect vitality from the flowers and leaves that fall into the river. They can then obtain sunlight to make her hair grow. Players can choose to sing to animals, and make plants along the river bank regrow. There will be some secrets that they can uncover, including the river’s essences and some hidden poems.

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