Cyberpunk 2077’s New Update Drastically Changed Its Water Effects

Cyberpunk 2077’s Latest Patch Made It More Realistic After Some Rain

Cyberpunk 2077’s newest update, Patch 1.31, has just been launched and it brought with it a lot of welcome improvements. One big change that the franchise’s fans noticed was that, after the patch was launched, its surfaces are now wetter than ever after it has rained in-game

After Cyberpunk 2077 got its big August patch, fans were able to observe that rainwater failed to make the floors look wet. Today’s update definitely fixed that issue. The issue was apparently part of the game’s Wet Surface System.

cyberpunk 2077 new update

Fixed an issue where roads after rain did not look wet, which was the result of ongoing work on the Wet Surfaces System,” CD Projekt Red confirmed. “In 1.31, we surfaces should look more detailed than they did even before the issue occurred.”

However, despite the fact that Cyberpunk 2077’s newest patch made water more wet, that is not what the update was all about. It also seemed to address a variety of smaller issues, including a busted reload times, as well as a heavily miscalculated height for the game’s charged jump. Moreover, it also fixed non-progression bugs in certain missions. Cyberpunk 2077 players can now talk to the nomads and get things started in “With A Little Help From My Friends.” Also, “Beat on the Brat” will no longer start on its own.

The gaming community is not unaware of how faulty Cyberpunk 2077 was since it first came out. It was launched in a pretty rough shape on last-gen, which CDPR reportedly attempted to hide by only allowing PC copies to go out ahead of release. This prompted Cyberpunk 2077 players to request for refunds and even pushed Sony to pull the game from the PlayStation store—before deciding to re-add it, albeit with a disclaimer about its rocky performance on PS4 consoles.

Despite all these issues, CDPR has promised its community that they will continue to roll out major patches for the game—as they have done in January, another in March, and, now, the 1.31 patch.