Splitgate Developers Secure $100 Million in Extra Funds

Imagine the Possibilities…

Last week, the developers behind the innovative new FPS game “Splitgateteased a major announcement. They weren’t specific about the contents, simply saying that it’d be “monumental”, and to be revealed next week. Well, if you do a bit of quick maths… yeah, it’s here! And they did not disappoint: among other things, they’ve secured an extra hundred million funbucks from a variety of investors, letting them remain indie while still providing tons of new content for their eager fans.

With all this new money, one has to wonder what kind of plans 1047 Games has in store. And luckily, those questions were all answered in a tweet, including hiring a larger staff, being able to support higher player counts, and porting the game to new platforms.

In addition to all this, a recent stream acted as the dumping ground for all kinds of new information, archived in a reddit post for easy reference.

Currently, 1047 games considered Splitgate to be about 25% of the way to completion. Considering the state of the game, it’ll be interesting to see what the remaining 75% looks like! They’re also looking to add a clan system, citing Halo 2 as an example of the sort of thing they’d like to create.

And remember when they said they’d be hiring new people? They’ll be taking steps to ensure that new hires don’t create a toxic work environment, nodding non-specifically at the goings-on at Activision Blizzard. It’s not often that statements like these come out, and considering the sort of world a lack of mindfulness creates, it signals a step in the right direction for the games industry!