No Man’s Sky Update Features Leviathans and Time Loops

No Man’s Sky Adds a Big New Man to Said Sky

A couple days back, Sean Murrey said something that got the internet talking. No, not like last time. No Man’s Sky has more than earned back its reputation with the gaming public. There were no grand promises in this announcement – in fact there wasn’t much at all. All players could see was a single whale emoji, taunting them. Implying things. Each implication was meticulously dissected in the post’s replies, but today, that promise showed new life. No Man’s Sky has unveiled its next update, and it’s aiming for the stars.

Expedition 7: Leviathan brings the eternally-cool concept of space whales to No Man’s Sky. You can watch the full trailer here.

This update takes things in a new direction, structuring itself around a time loop. This mainly facilitates a roguelike gameplay feature, where players will repeatedly try to gather “memory fragments” as a way of escaping the loop. Loadouts are procedurally generated after each death, and multiplayer features will let players “even the odds” during runs. Narrative threads will tie this whole event together, though details on what that entails will gave to wait for gameplay.

You won’t have to wait long though, as the update is set to go live today on No Man’s Sky’s servers. Notable rewards for completing this adventure include a “whalestalker” cloak and a unique frigate.