The Division 2 Year 4 Update Is About a Hostile Nuclear Plant Takeover

The Division 2’s Year 4 Update Will Have Players Taking Back Control of a Nuclear Plant

The Division 2’s Year 4 update will be about hostile military forces taking over a nuclear power plant. This backstory comes pretty close to the ongoing horrific Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

Multiple sources have reported that Russian military forces have taken over various nuclear power plants in the country. The timing to real-world events is unfortunate but is highly likely to be unintentional.

the division 2 year 4 update hostile nuclear plant takeover

The Division 2 has been in limbo for quite some time now. Ubisoft never decided to shut it down. However, the gaming community is aware that devs did delay new content and multiple updates. They could only promise that they were going to eventually add more content to the game at some point.

Fans of the game are now bored with its repetitive old seasons and events. With that said, they were surprised when devs suddenly came out of the shadows to provide an update on The Division 2’s long-awaited new content.

Still, they have been pretty careful with how they provided updates for the game. They mentioned in a blog post last month that “in light of current world events” they were not going to share specific details at that time.

Finally, The Division 2 devs announced that for the game’s Year 4 update, they are introducing a new mode. Countdown can be played by up to eight players, each of whom will be working together to help take back control of a nuclear power plant that was invaded by hostile forces. They can do so by completing objectives and killing enemies within a limited time.

The new mode titled Countdown in The Division 2 had been in development since early 2021,” devs said. “Similar to the base game, the mode is a work of fiction and is unintentional to today’s current events.”

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