Lost Ark Power Pass Guide

Hello there! Hope you’re rockin’ those lost ark dungeons and levelling up your main character just like so many of us lost ark geeks.

I’m here today to update you on something which will flip your lost ark experience upside down. And if you’re levelling up and are close to level 50, then it’s coming to you real soon.

I’m talking about your “Alts” or your Alternative characters and Powerpass. Before you ask any question or start putting your mind to extreme pressures. I’ll start explaining it myself.

What is PowerPass?

See. Lost Ark gets to a point where it gets frustrating to play. That point is called the endgame. Lost Ark makers themself know it.

That’s why when you reach level 50 with your main character, they ask you to have a secondary character or an “Alt”. So that you can funnel extra gears and resources from the Alts.

Also, you get the chance to re-think whether you want to keep your first character your main character.


Back to your Alt.

You see, when you get an Alt. You get it on its basic level. While your main character is on level 50 and your Alt on a basic level. You can move on with the main story if you don’t match their level. To match their levels you need to take your alt to level 50, which is nothing but crazy! right?

Now there are 2 ways of doing it, one is that you figure out how to get lost ark gold and get lots of it to simply buy your way to level 50 or You can use a power pass to jump your character to level 50 directly.

You don’t have to manually level your secondary character to level 50. Powerpass will do it for you and you’ll get tons of rewards for that.

How to get your powerpass?

Finally! Let’s get to the process of it!

Lost ark is still figuring out alternative ways you can get a Powerpass. As of right now, we only have one way;  Ealyn’s Gift Quest.

The good thing is you don’t have to put any extra effort to reach that quest. Rather, that quest is gonna come to you.

How’s that?

You just follow the main story. That will drop you to Ealyn’s Gift quest, the last quest on Lost Ark. Complete that quest. It’s fun and adventurous.

At the end of the quest, you will get your powerpass. All you are left to do is to activate it in the inventory.

That’s only for the first powerpass. You will get your second one automatically in your in-game main once you use your first one.

That’s right!

Let’s see how you can best use your power pass.

How should you use the Powerpass?

You have to go through the activation process to get around this, which might be cumbersome for novice players.

But you, my friend, don’t need to break any sweat over it. In fact, getting started simply only takes just a few clicks.

Follow my lead: First place you need to go is the Tome of Prophecy in Trixion’s tutorial region. After reaching there, select your secondary advance.

Done? Great!

Now Check the Character Select menu. You must see the “Power Pass Available” button there now. Click on that button and start your Adventure’s path.

So Far so Good?

You must be wondering what Adventure’s Path?

It’s somewhat an Interactive story with some cutscenes, dialogues, role play, and many recaps. You’ll hear it from Beatrice.

It’ll take only 30 minutes of your time to complete the whole Adventure’s path from tip to the bottom.

Oh, by the way! You can skip the whole path and take a jump directly to Level 50. But I don’t recommend that. I insist you go through the entire Adventure Path. Huh? But why? Why bother wasting 30 minutes, you ask?

Simple reason: If you complete the entire Adventure’s path, section-by-section. You’ll get rewards! Not only do you get dropped into Vern at level 50 but you’ll also get Level 302 gear! How’s that fair? Visit Lost Ark Fastest Leveling Guide (1-50) to get more.

In my humble- and expert- opinion, those 30 minutes are worth spending. Especially if you get the Battle Item Chest that’ll provide you free HP Potions.

However, You can skip the Adventurer’s Path for the second Powerpass. You ain’t getting nothing from that one. Because all these rewards are once-per-roster. That simply means you can get them only once during the whole game time.

Most people are worried about timing. Because they’ve been given some crappy advice by the pleasant Youtube community. Let me break the bubble for you.

There isn’t any perfect timing for using the Powerpass. You can use it as soon as you get it, as soon as you select your secondary class (or the “Alt”).  If it was up to you to choose or wait for the perfect timing to use your Power Pass, Lost Ark wouldn’t have asked for it after your level 50 in the first place.

Use them as soon as you get them.

If you’re not sure which class to choose for your “Alts”, then you need a detailed lost ark class guide. Which you can then use to further expand your lost ark knowledge.

Listen: The endgame is going to be tiresome, challenging, difficult, and gut-wrenching. For that, you must get the best possible level of your gear. You should do as many Chaos dungeons and Guardian raids as your fingers could possibly take.

Not only with your second character but with your third one as well. You should bring both of them to their honest-to-god, best-possible form.

Why? Because Lost ark allows you to funnel your rewards and gear from your “Alts” to your main character. Which consequently will boost the progression.

I don’t see any other way that allows you to outsource levelled-up gears and equipment to your main character. You, my friend, should live up to every moment of your Power Pass and make as much out of it as possible.

Alright! I have presented the entire Powerpass blueprint in front of you in this Lost Ark Powerpass guide. Now I’m leaving you in charge of the operation. It’s up to you to beat the heck out of this game and come out as a winner. I’m wishing you all the best. Gonna see you soon.