Lost Ark Online Unveils Its Roadmap for the Upcoming Months

Lost Ark Online Unveils Its Roadmap for the Upcoming Months

Amazon Games Studio recently released New World and Lost Ark Online. Lost Ark Online is a free to play, ARPG MMO that had a very successful launch in Asia. The developers, Smilegate, have continued to release a ton of content for the game since its western release in 2021.  Today, the developers have announced the game’s roadmap for August and September, which discusses a ton of new and upcoming content, events and more.

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In August, players will have access to the Pet Ranch and Mahakara Festival. In the former, players will be able to interact with their pets and grow them to gain rewards and much more. In the latter, players will gather leaves from the Mahakara Tree for rewards.

The developers have noted that September will have two major updates. The first update includes key quality of life changes specifically to combat, customization, social aspects and game settings. In the second update, the developers will release a major content patch featuring an Advanced Class, Legion Raid and events. Furthermore, players can look forward to server mergers. Moreover, players can look forward to more skins to enjoy.

Additionally, players will have their hands on the Machinist, the upcoming Advanced Class. The Machinist will utilize drones, a Hypersync Suit and cutting edge technology to cause destruction on the battlefield. In Lost Ark Online, there are currently five Gunner Classes.

What are your thoughts on Lost Ark Online? Have you tried the game since its release? What aspect of the game do you enjoy the most? Are you a fan of ARPG MMOs? What do you think about the roadmap? What part of the game are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.