Smilegate Will Continue To Tackle Bots In Lost Ark Online

Smilegate Will Continue To Tackle Bots In Lost Ark Online

Lost Ark Online released in the West in February 2022 and was one of the most anticipated released in recent history. Fans of the West have been patiently awaiting the release of the ARPG following its success in Asia. Although the game was well received, its developers, Smilegate, have noticed an issue with bots in the game. Today, the company has provided fans with an update on the issue of bots and some of the steps taken to address the issue thus far. Lost Ark Online is available for free on PC via Steam here.

lost ark april update

Smilegate have noticed the issue with bots and have accepted that bots can easily create an account as the game is free to play. Thus far, the company has implemented a variety of changes to address the issue. Some of these include blocking VPNs, permanently banning accounts, enabled anti-cheat and detection systems and more.

However, the work is far from over. Smilegate will work with Easy Anti-Cheat to improve its bot detection and will continue to explore their options in additional tools that are scalable and can make a significant impact. The developers closed in their release by thanking fans for their patience and a promise that they will continue to work to provide the best possible service to players.

Lost Ark Online is a popular ARPG where players explore and fight their way through the vast world of Arkesia on dangerous missions and more.

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