Intel Suspends All Operations in Russia and Belarus

Intel Removes Itself (And its Precious Computer Chips) from Russia

The ongoing pandemic has presented the gaming world with a funny little problem. PCs are hard to make when computer chips are so scarce. Intel is one of the largest tech giants and chip manufacturers globally, and their products do what they can to mitigate this shortage. But, they won’t be helping out Russia and Belarus anymore.

For the record, Intel already pulled out of those countries a month ago – suspending shipments, specifically. But now, they’re removing themselves entirely. It calls the move “business continuity measures to minimize disruption to its global operations.” which, despite leaving the mangled corpse of a thesaurus in its wake, is still fair enough.

Image courtesy of zdnet

Intel continues to join the global community in condemning Russia’s war against Ukraine and calling for a swift return to peace,” the company said to Reuters.

When placed alongside all the other sanctions placed against Russia, this move is sure to leave a dent. Intel is far from the only company to have pulled operations from the country, and while not all of them will impact Russia’s government directly, they’ll at least leave a lasting impression on Russia’s population. As for what exactly that impression will be, only time will tell.