Trigon: Space Story, Roguelike, Blasting Towards Late April Release

Full Speed Ahead Captain 

Space is a dangerous place. As a starship captain it’s important that you know how to handle every situation. And this April you may have to. Today Gameforge announced that their roguelike strategy game, Trigon: Space Story, is releasing in late April. With over 70,000 current wish lists on Steam players are looking forward to a new strategy game in the same vein as FTL: Faster Than Light, with roguelike elements. In addition to the release date announcement the game has also released a cinematic trailer. 

Trigon: Space Story places players in the role of a starship captain. Your ship is fully customizable and ready to take on the vast galaxy. The universe players will explore is procedurally generated and divided into nine sectors, further dividing into ten or more systems. Of course, as the captain, players will be responsible for everything on their ship. From engines, to weapon systems, to even the day-to-day tasks of your crew. The ship’s survival is on your shoulders. Space anomalies, roving pirates, and a mess of intergalactic politics all stand against you. Failure is inevitable. However, with over seventy different types of weapons, four species, and more, improvising and adapting is the name of the game. 

In addition to the announcement, a cinematic trailer gives players an outline of the universe. Furthermore, the trailer provides a look at the gameplay while also showing off the species players will encounter in their journeys. 

Trigon: Space Story is releasing on Steam April 28th, 2022. Currently, a demo is available on the Steam page for download. So captain, are you ready to take command? How far will you go?