Pokemon Card Game Releases Sword and Shield Expansion

Brilliant Stars 

Fans of the Pokemon Card Game prepare for some brilliant cards. Today the Pokemon Company International launched the newest expansion pack for the wildly popular Pokemon Trading Card Game. The expansion, Pokemon Sword and Shield: Brilliant Stars, contains a host of new cards that players and fans can look forward to collecting. Additionally, a press release about the expansion contains info on the new features and mechanics of the new expansion. 

With over 3.7 Billion Pokemon cards sold in 2020-2021, it is no question the card game maintains popularity. The Sword and Shield: Brilliant Stars introduces multiple new features. For instance, the expansion not only introduces 30 new training gallery cards but it adds the new VSTAR mechanics to the game. These cards evolve from V-type Pokemon and have high HP and attack. They can very quickly decide a match. 

Furthermore, the expansion pack adds twenty V-Pokemon, three VMAX Pokemon, 22 trainer cards with 6 full-art support cards. Alongside these new cards is one new special energy card. The launch of the expansion pack also brings with it the launch of the Brilliant Stars Pokemon Centre Elite Trainer Box. 

The Elite Trainer Box contains even more Pokemon TCG products. The Box contains additional booster packs and more card game accessories. For instance, the box contains eight Brilliant Star Booster Packs, sixty-five card sleeves featuring Arceus, and forty-five energy cards. Additionally, you get the box, a VSTAR marker and even more. 

Pokemon Sword and Shield: Brilliant Stars is available now on the Pokemon shop website. Maybe you’ll get VSTAR Charizard.