Catch an Exclusive Oversize Pikachu V Trading Card Now

A Must-Have For Any Collector

We’ve made a lot of happy Pokemon announcements recently, including Pokemon masks, a new Pokemon movie, and the upcoming Pokemon 25th anniversary. What we’re saying is, we’re on a roll, so here’s one more for the list: GAME is handing out an exclusive Pikachu V trading card to in-store and online customers who spend more than £10 on stuff related to the Pokémon Trading Card Game. These jumbo-sized promotional cards aren’t legal for tournament play, but they’re a perfect addition to your collection. Nothing can stop this Pikachu from racing (and thundershocking) its way into your heart!

Oversized Pikachu V Pokemon Trading Card

You might wonder, ‘how could you possibly spend more than £10 on trading cards?’ To which we can only say that you definitely aren’t a TCG player, are you? Booster packs are expensive, and rare cards can go for a lot. Even this Pikachu V card can go for about $20 used, so don’t miss this opportunity. It’s only available while supplies last.

But that’s not all GAME is offering to Pokemon TCG players. If you have a GAME shop in your area–not to be confused with a regular, non-trademarked game shop–get yourself down to the storefront to receive a free code for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. It’ll give you access to the new Legendary, Zarude. There is a limited supply, so again, pounce on this opportunity while supplies last. Get your very own spooky shadow monkey now!

Terms and conditions do apply, so if you want to know more about that, please check the GAME website. Any customer under the age of 16 must have parental consent to order their bonus Pikachu V.

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