Hitchhiker: A Mystery Game Driving to Meta Quest VR March 10th

A Mysterious Journey 

Have you ever woke up on a dusty strange highway with no recollection of who you are? You can experience it now. Indie Publisher Versus Evil’s atmospheric first person mystery game, Hitchhiker: A Mystery Game, is coming to Meta Quest March 10th. A press release about the game gives fans some insight into the world of Hitchhiker and discusses its plot. 

Hitchhiker: A Mystery Game places players in the shoes of an unknown person. The player character awakens on the side of a dusty highway in the middle of nowhere. Your character has no memory of who they are, why they are on this highway, or how they got there. Additionally you have no clue of how to find out anything about yourself. With no other option you must hitch rides with strangers across the country, putting together pieces of the puzzle that is your mind. Maybe through these rides you can piece together who you are. 

“Bringing Hitchhiker into the VR gamespace made perfect sense from a narrative standpoint, particularly in the way we’ve been able to elevate the surreal road trip adventure with a player experience that feels like you’re actually inside the car.” Says Developer Mad About Pandas Founder Patrick Rau in the press release. 

A trailer for the Quest version of the game shows players the immersion they can expect from the virtual reality system. 

The game is set for a March 10th release on Meta Quest VR. Hitchhiker is also available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Mobile devices.