Medieval Dynasty Brings Windmills With Update

Wind Power Arrives 

The fields are about to get a little windier in your medieval kingdom. Toplitz Productions’ survival roleplaying game, Medieval Dynasty, finally adds its most requested roadmap feature today: Windmills. That’s right the windmill and decorations update is bringing the highly anticipated windmills to the lands of Medieval Dynasty. Yet that’s not all. A press release provides details on everything the update brings to the game today. 

Medieval Dynasty Windmills

Medieval Dynasty is a survival sim game that takes place in a realistic medieval world. The game functions around realism, including a four-season cycle in which players live, hunt, farm, lead kingdoms or live a simple life. Essentially, players can exist within a living medieval world. The windmill and decoration update introduces dozens of new items to decorate your home and settlement. From vases to window shutters and anything in between. Both the look and feel of your home will get some upgrades. 

Of course, the main attraction of the update is the towering windmills. The windmills themselves will allow players to simplify farming technology and double their flour production. Additionally, these beautiful buildings can make your settlement feel more iconic as they stretch towards the sky. 

A comedic video released for the announcement confirms the arrival of the update. 

The windmill and decoration update is available now. In addition to the update, Medieval Dynasty will be 25% off on Steam until March 7th. Coming later this year, according to the press release, is an heir update that will expand the game extensively. Are you happy about the windy towers arriving in Medieval Dynasty?