Medieval Dynasty Takes Two With Co-Op Mode Launch

An Era of Friendship 

It’s time to begin a new adventure in a medieval world. This time, the adventure is better with friends. Especially when a new land is ready for exploration. Today, Toplitz Productions is happy to announce the newest update for their survival, roleplaying, game, Medieval Dynasty. The new update is introducing a host of new content to the game. However, the namesake and biggest draw of the update is the fact that the game now allows co-op play. Additionally, a brand new map is entering the game as the location for co-op. Furthermore ,a new trailer celebrates the launch of the update, giving players a glimpse at what awaits. 

Medieval Dynasty Windmills

Medieval Dynasty is a survival sim game that takes place in a realistic medieval world. The new map, Oxbow, brings with it a whole new way to play that involves a friend. The game’s latest update introduces co-op to the realistic medieval world, allowing players to navigate the life sim with a partner. Of course, the new land is full of landmarks, villages, and points of interest. In the same vein of the base game, players will need to hunt, craft, and make their way in life alongside their friend. Accompanying the new map are vibrancy updates to villages which add workstations and new residents. Furthermore, the new update is bringing a host of new quests to take part in. 

Players can check out Medieval Dynasty’s newest update in the new trailer. Take a look at the new land that awaits and some co-op gameplay. View the trailer below. 

Medieval Dynasty is out now on PC via Steam, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5