These Doomed Isles Got Its First Major Content Update

Welcome to These Doomed Isles

Prepare for a devastating holiday season with brand-new experiences! Developer Triplevision Games Limited and publisher Fireshine Games have released the first major content update for These Doomed Isles, and it comes with different game modes for everyone to enjoy.

These Doomed Isles

Players will now get to test their skills in a winter wonderland filled with holiday horrors. Protect the townsfolk from festive fiends in the new Krampus Chaos mode which will be available until 4 January. Snowmen, Elves, Christmas Tree Fairies, and more are on their way to attack your people in this challenging survival mode.

Not only that, there are three new permanent game modes for everyone to chill and relax. We have listed them below just for you.

 -BUILDER MODE: Build your settlement and experience the game without the threat of invasions or triggering events.
 -SANDBOX MODE: Create the ultimate utopia in Sandbox Mode, where cards and buildings are completely free to buy and build. Followers won’t starve or leave due to unhappiness, and you won’t face invasions or trigger events.
 -CUSTOM MODE: Customise each run, test new strategies, modify each gameplay variable, and play the way you want.

If you are not familiar with the game, then don’t worry because we got your back. These Doomed Isles is a survival city builder with roguelike deckbuilding elements. You will choose between one of the three gods, create a new world, and defend it from raiders, disasters, and mythical creatures. It is currently available on Steam Early Access right now.