Pokemon Legends: Arceus Sold 6.5M Copies Just One Week Post-Launch

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Sold 6.5 Million Copies Just One Week After Launch

Pokemon Legends: Arceus has sold 6.5 million copies despite only being in the gaming market for a week. Its sales outpaced Pokemon: Sword and Shield by approximately half a million.

Thank you to the more than 6.5 million explorers worldwide who have already embarked on an exciting new adventure in Pokemon Legends: Arceus!” Nintendo wrote on social media. “We hope you are loading up on more potato mochi before your next research mission.”

pokemon legends arceus sold 6.5m copies one week post launch

These numbers serve as validation of what the Pokemon Legends: Arceus team has managed to achieve. Furthermore, it proves that the franchise can live without such a toxic element of its fan base. The franchise has continued to be one of Nintendo’s biggest and most successful franchises.

The bold new direction that Pokemon Legends: Arceus devs took for the game is most likely the driving force behind its success. The Pokemon community has been praising the game for its amazing storytelling, experimental gameplay, and vast open world. This highly popular open world spinoff also incorporated a variety of species from minute to elephantine.

Its performance issues and less than stellar visuals were not enough to keep 6.5 million players from getting their own copy of the game. Fans have been having so much fun with it actual gameplay. Its problems with performance could be the one thing that holds Pokemon Legends: Arceus back from perfection. Still, the game is the best choice for Pokemon fans who want to spend their time appreciate the species than merely sending them to battle.

The game builds up on the foundations of previous installments with exciting new mechanics and a more open structure. Moreover, devs also made a clear effort on addressing all the elements that the Pokemon community said were starting to become stale.

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