7 Cool Things you Can Do in Cyberpunk 2077

Elon Musk’s favourite game, despite the fact that he was more than unhappy with the game upon release, Cyberpunk 2077 offers an immense gameplay experience. Best played on the PlayStation 5 or PC, Cyberpunk has already won a bunch of rewards and if rumours are anything to go by, players should be experiencing a huge update with added DLC any time now. I was a late comer to Cyberpunk but have just finished my second full play through which I enjoyed even more than the first! As such, I decided to treat you guys to 7 cool things you can do in Cyberpunk which you may not have yet discovered for yourself.


A new casino on the outskirts of the city, the chance to respect and a hidden secret ending? Read on to find out more!

Tour the City Via the Tram

Sometimes, I like doing nothing more than traveling around Night City pretending that I am a normal citizen. Closely resembling the street grid of downtown San Francisco, Night City is a dream of a city to explore, and you will almost certainly discover something new even after you have visited every area numerous times. If you have ever wanted to take in the views of the city in ease and style, I can recommend hopping on board one of the trams courtesies of Night Cities tram service. Riding the tram guarantees you an awe inspiring look over the city. The tram service runs 24/7 and you can hop on and off any time you like.

Never Take Fall Damage when Sliding

Love parkour? Then you are in luck. You can pretty much ignore all fall damage if you slide right before you jump. There are a great number of high buildings and skyscrapers in Night City and with no parachute, you are often forced to take the long way down back to the streets. However, some players have discovered that if you slide right before you fall off the edge, then you will not take any damage once you hit the bottom. Of course, you should be a little weary, if you slide too early, then you will take a lot of damage when you fall. We suggest practicing on some smaller buildings first. But this cool Cyberpunk cheat can save you a lot of time (and health).

Can you Respec? Yes, you can!

This is an easy one to miss, but mostly Cyber docks will stock an item called Tabula-E-Rasa and this is the item which will allow you to redistribute all of your perk points. Now this item does not come cheap, it costs 100,000. But if you have bought a bunch of perks which sounded good on paper, but which turned out to totally suck, then the Tabula-E-Rasa is exactly what you need.

An out of bounds Casino?

Across Night City, you will see dozens of different advertisements from food manufacturers to X rated shows. One thing I noticed quite often as I was traveling around the city was an advert for a North Oak Casino and Country Club. I decided to spend a little bit of time actually trying to find this luxury club for myself, but to no avail. At this point, I took a look on Google and as it turns out, many other players noticed the casino advertisements and wondered if there was anything more to it. Many players believe that the casino and country club will be added to the game in upcoming DLC for Cyberpunk. This would actually make a lot of sense, it would being a different feel to Cyberpunk and casinos in video games have been successful in the past. For example, GTA V released the extremely popular the Diamond Casino and Resort update. The update allowed players to play a wide variety of casino games which helped many players win themselves a lot of money given that the games were actually pretty easy to win. Cyberpunk could base in-game slot machines on the expertly made high payout slots games. This would allow for both a mixture of fun and the possibility of big rewards. Of course, we are sure that the Cyberpunk team will put their own stamp on such a building should they decide to add it to the game.

Shooting Through Walls

There are a few weapons in Cyberpunk which can cause damage to enemies when you shoot at them through walls. This allows you to shoot through waves on tough enemies without them being able to shoot back at you. The best gun for shooting through walls in Cyberpunk is the Comrade’s Hammer. However, pretty much any tech gun can shoot through walls, some are just better than others.

Go Through the Whole Game Without Killing Anybody

Cyberpunk is quite strange in that if you shoot people in the leg, they won’t die. By choosing to not kill certain bosses and mini bosses, you can unlock some pretty interesting dialogue which you wouldn’t usually hear if you go the usual way and kill them. Aim at the lower body and enemies will go down but they will stay alive. Of course, you need to pick your gun carefully. Some guns will just shoot off the legs of your enemies, and this is considered as lethal (duh) and they will die. Just don’t use heavy damage weapons or weapons which charge up.

Secret Ending

There are a total of five unique ending in Cyberpunk, but one of them is considered as a secret ending. There are not any requirements to unlock the secret ending, you just have to do something unexpected. In the mission, Nocturne Op 55 N1, you find yourself on a balcony with Johnny and you will see four different choices assuming you have completed all of the missions up until this point. However, there is a fifth secret option – choosing nothing. If you wait a few minutes without answering, the four dialogue options will disappear and rather than enlisting your friends for the final mission, you will instead do it by yourself. Obviously, this makes the mission extremely hard and if you die, you have to restart from the beginning as there are no save options once you begin the mission on your own.

What Will You do?

So, there you have it. Have you found any of these cool things yourself? Will you try to do any of them now that you have read about them in this article? Please get in touch with us and let us know!